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SPORTS FANS IN-DEPTH: NASCAR is an essential reference for staying 'in-tune' with the preferences and attitudes of NASCAR fans. Supported by an 18,000+ survey sample (January 2017), and the CS Sports Fan Survey, (which was developed via 2500+ hours of in-person fan interviews), SPORTS FANS IN-DEPTH is a valued asset for evaluating and/or connecting with the NASCAR fan-base. Includes the MBAR Score, a CS Publications proprietary tool for measuring the 'Quality of Interest' (via tracking multiple dimensions of Fan Interest) in a Sport or League. Additionally, includes (by 54 Fan Segments and 46 major sports markets), how many people are interested; how many are avid fans; how many follow and keep up to date with; how many call a sport, 'favorite' or '2nd favorite'  - and also, for a wider perspective on fans and fandom, SPORTS FANS IN-DEPTH includes data on the media interest and preferences of avid fans of NASCAR, when they are away from sports.